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Performer | Writer | Human in Progress

Alexandra Palting


As an actor, I have performed across the East coast at theatres such as The Kennedy Center, CATF, InterAct Theatre Co., Olney Theatre Center, Imagination Stage, the Keegan Theatre, and more. I can be seen on screen in independent films, industrials, and commercials for clients like Capital One, Apple, the National Institute of Health (NIH), and Home Depot. I am an audiobook narrator and producer whose collaborations with authors can be found on Audible. And finally, it's one of my greatest joys as a performer to sing as a classical music cantor for weddings, funerals, and holidays where I've sung for ceremonies as intimate as outdoor weddings and as storied as mass at the Vatican in Rome.


I am currently developing a one-woman musical called 0874: A Filipino-American Love Story, which tells the story of my grandparents' immigration to America from the Philippines. Developed at The Kennedy Center, the show explores tenets of home, belonging, and the relationship between truth and intimacy.


I serve arts nonprofits and startups as a producer, design strategist, and business coach through the LLC I founded when I was twenty-three, called The Hustling Creative. Through strategic storytelling, I have raised over $60,000 for nonprofits since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Being Alive

I’m a person of Faith, and I believe in integrity and harmony between heart and head. I studied opera and music history in my undergrad at the University of Delaware, musical theatre at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and entrepreneurship at Harvard Online Business School. I’m passionate about rock climbing, my long distance relationship with a chemist in California, and taking care of my disabled beagle named Rosie. Over the pandemic, I read fifty books, took the Law School Admissions Test for fun (scoring in the 89th percentile), and I baked absolutely nothing.

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