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I Will Wait

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0874 is a one-woman musical about two Filipino immigrants’ journey to the United States as told through 874 love letters written across the ocean.


0874 is a musical about Alexandra Palting’s grandparents’ courtship and immigration as told through their 874 love letters. At the beginning of letter one, Palting’s grandmother, Paz, wanted to be a nun in Manila; by the last letter, she traveled across the world to start a new life with her husband Jun. The story oscillates between the world of the letters and the present, the Philippines and the United States, and explores truth’s relationship to time, distance and intimacy within the context of family, and the courage to grow up with another.


Development History

In February 2022, 0874 was developed at The Kennedy Center's Page-to-Stage Residency.

In August 2023, 0874 made its off-Broadway debut at the Connelly Theater in New York City as part of the SheNYC Summer Theatre Festival.

Out of over three hundred worldwide submissions, SheNYC produced only eight shows.

A panel of industry judges voted the show Best Score of the festival.

Along the way, we've shared our music at historic venues like The Lincoln Theatre, Merriweather Post Pavilion and Olney Theatre Center.Up next: The U.S. Consulate in China's International Women's Day Celebration (March, 2024).

Love Letters from Judges

It's so tough for us to pick solo shows for the festival unless they really stand out. Anyone can stand on stage and tell a story, but how do you make it feel like a full, theatrical experience? This script does just that. I can't wait to see it onstage.
There is an immense amount of artistry in this submission.
The music is excellent and super interesting. Poetic, pop-like, but the vocals venture into operatic soprano. I'm kept engaged by the music and the highly specific, but totally unique, world that it builds.
It's a great story and shows off really unique music. Love it.

Filipino-American Fashion Partnerships

0874 is a love story, but it’s also a Filipino immigrant story. And it felt wrong to tell it wearing an $8 piece of clothing global fast-fashion brand with tag that says “Made in the Philippines.”

That’s why I’m proud to collaborate with Filipino-American designers with Fil/Am soft-serve-swirl in their threads, environmental sustainability on their minds, and creative dignity for their workers at their core.


Past Performances

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